During certification, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries takes a sample from each batch. These samples then form the basis for planting out in the post-control field.

Packaging and shipment proceeds under strict supervision:

  • during packaging, each batch receives an official certificate that also serves as a plant passport
  • inspection guarantees conformity of the seed with the quality class mentioned in the certificate
  • the certificate is always marked with a batch number to indicate the origin of each package  

Poster controle pootgoed bij ontvangst

Waar moet u rekening mee houden bij de ontvangst van pootgoed? 

Checklist kwaliteit pootgoed

Met behulp van deze checklist kan u de kwaliteit van het geleverde pootgoed controleren.

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Certified seed ... the basis for a successful potato crop.

Infobrochure gecertificeerd pootgoed

Folder Vlaams gecertificeerd pootgoed

Waarom kiezen voor Vlaams gecertificeerd pootgoed?

Reportage plants certifiés

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